June 27, 2003

FTC do not call list

According to the FTC’s website, 735,000 people had signed up for the telemarketer “do not call list” by 5pm today. A rather good start …

Update: from the Washington Post

In tones of vindication mixed with rapture, several people spoke of the satisfaction it gave them to slip out of the reach of automated recordings plying them with offers of low-interest loans, magazine subscriptions and other gimmicks while they were eating dinner, watching TV or just trying to enjoy a quiet weekend.

Update II (From Maria): via BNA Internet News, Yahoo blocked the FTC’s confirmation emails to people who’d signed up for the Do Not Call list. Yahoo’s Director of Communications said the FTC’s
messages were initially intercepted because the company’s
anti-spam technology purposely detects “unusual and
extraordinarily large volumes of mail” sent to its

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I watch big brother

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