June 17, 2003


Via Bookslut, a great Washington Post article on stupid magazine lists. You know the ones: silly articles on 25 great ways to spice up your relationship, 6 things found in Elvis’s stomach after he died, &c &c. My favorite list from the Post’s selection:

“The 35 Most Influential People in the Modern Age of Bass Fishing” (Bassmaster, June 2003). Among the unsung heroes lauded here: Nick Creme, who “invented the plastic worm,” and Bobby and Garry Garland, who “invented the Gitzit tube jig and the Spider Grub,” thus “launching a revolution in soft plastic baits.”

Posted by Henry at June 17, 2003 06:56 PM | TrackBack

“6 things found in Elvis’s stomach after he died”? But half the magazines in the US contend that Elvis isn’t dead!

Posted by: Jurjen at June 18, 2003 06:45 AM
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