Henry Farrell

I'm an associate professor of political science and international affairs at George Washington University. My work covers institutional theory, politics and the Internet (with a particular focus on blogs), EU-US relations, the internal politics of the European Union, and theories of trust).

Details of my book, The Political Economy of Trust: Interests, Institutions and Inter-Firm Cooperation in Italy and Germany (Cambridge University Press 2009), are available here.

If you want to read more, most of my publications are linked from my CV.

I blog at

I also maintain the Academic Blogs Wiki.

See here for my guide to writing undergraduate essays in political science.

Contact Details

Email: henry.farrellremovethis@gmail.com

Fax: 202-994-7743

Phone: 202-994-7933

Physical mail:

Department of Political Science

George Washington University

4th Floor

2115 G. St. NW.

Washington DC 20052

Other Stuff

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